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For you younger kids out there, the term grunge refers to a genre of alternative rock from the nineties. Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins are classic examples of grunge bands. Grunge music inspired 90s grunge fashion which was all about oversized clothes, plaid shirts, leather, thrift items and combat boots. 

I love this photo shoot. The grunge look is up to date, subtle and uber cool! 

Like all recycled fashion the idea is to newly interpret the look, not to look like you did a time warp! I love a glammed out grunge look. To get the look mix feminine and tough items together for an eclectic stylish vibe. Punky boots and leathers look awesome with girly dresses and skirts. I personally love the pairing of a leather jacket with a stand out plaid dress. By wearing a dress the look is automatically more chic and pulled together.

 There’s nothing cooler than a girl who looks sweet yet tough all in one!