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Though I got married over a year ago, I still love to look at wedding websites and follow up on trends. Unfortuantely here in Israel, wedding decor and floral arrangements are still quite traditional and brides don’t play much with color or texture. One trend that I’m dying to see catch on over here is succulents. Succulents refer to water retaining plants that adapt to arid soil conditions, AKA  cacti! Therefore succulents and Israel go hand in hand. The fact that they come in such a variety of sizes, colors, textures etc. makes them so eye catching when mixed together. Succulents are an affordable DIY (do it yourself) project for brides who are willing to get their hands a bit dirty. Find succulents in any garden center and experiment with the combinations. Go for a minimimalist look by using only succulents & candles. Another option is to pair succulents with flowers. By reducing the amount of flowers, you also reduce cost. Try using succulents as centerpieces and reception decor. Brides in the U.S. are even incorporating succulents into their bridal bouquets! Here’s some succculent inspiration from real weddings in the United States. What do you say Israel? Let’s give succulents a chance! 

Here are some photos from my big day! We got married on June 9, 2010 at a gorgeous wedding garden called the Pine Club in the Carmel Forest, Haifa Israel. It was truly the night of my dreams!