Pulled Together Grunge Inspiration


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For you younger kids out there, the term grunge refers to a genre of alternative rock from the nineties. Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins are classic examples of grunge bands. Grunge music inspired 90s grunge fashion which was all about oversized clothes, plaid shirts, leather, thrift items and combat boots. 

I love this photo shoot. The grunge look is up to date, subtle and uber cool! 

Like all recycled fashion the idea is to newly interpret the look, not to look like you did a time warp! I love a glammed out grunge look. To get the look mix feminine and tough items together for an eclectic stylish vibe. Punky boots and leathers look awesome with girly dresses and skirts. I personally love the pairing of a leather jacket with a stand out plaid dress. By wearing a dress the look is automatically more chic and pulled together.

 There’s nothing cooler than a girl who looks sweet yet tough all in one!


That 70s Look – Floppy Hats


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Soon the weather will be cooling off and I know that it’s just around then that I’ll be getting my first “winter’s on its way cold”. Luckily, this year maybe a hat trend will keep my head warm and me cold free! The 70s style floppy hat is a great way to apply the 70s trend this fall without going all out hippie! What’s so great about the floppy hat, besides that it is adorable, is that it’s a cheap and easy way to update your look.  I usually don’t love how I look in hats but the other day I walked into H&M and tried one on and it was so darn cute! I love the floppy ease of this hat and there are so many fun colors to choose from. I personally love the plum and burnt orange tones for fall!   

Fashion Mixology – Jill Stuart NYFW Spring 2012


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New York Fashion Week is in full swing! Today marks day 5 out of the 7 day fashion extravaganza. Among the amazing shows shown thus far, there’s one in particular that’s still forefront in my mind – Jill Stuart’s Spring 2012 Collection!

   Jill Stuart stirred up a mean cocktail of rainbow brights & sherbet pastels that bring out our inner little girl!fashion mixology

Behind stage after the runway show Jill said, “I wanted it to look like a dream, a fantasy, a fairy tale.” Hats off to you Jill, you definitely succeeded!

Here’s a little fashion mixology inspired by Jill Stuart:

Blood Orange Cocktail –

1 1/2 oz fresh blood orange trousers
3/4 oz orange creamsicle jumpsuit
Dash of color blocked sportswear
Garnish with side swept bangs & an orange slice

Lemon Drop Martini –

6 freshly squeezed lemons
4 tablespoons peter pan collars
A citrus trench for flavor
Wear shaken not stirred

Grasshopper –

 3/4 oz creme de menthe silk
3/4 oz light cream organza slip dress
Dash of tailored perfection
Serve cold with nude ankle strap sandals

Think Pink Cocktail –

1 1/2 oz salmon pink shorts suit
1/2 oz pleated bubblegum dress
1 splash of baby blue accents
Garnish with loose effortless hair & a smile

Bobbin’ Along


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bob hairstyle 1920s

It seems like forever that I’ve had the same old haircut. I think in the past 10 years it’s been the same old thing… long layers. Each time I’d visit the salon I’d say “just a trim”. I kick myself now in retrospect for all those years of poor hair choices. Recently I got an amazing haircut that has had me on cloud 9. I got a bob! My new hair stylist is a hair guru so I finally decided to let him decide what will look best on me. Thank g-d I put my faith in him and let him do what he does best. I love my new long bob haircut and it is so much more flattering with my hair type (thick) and face shape (oval). But the bob is far from a new cut. The bob was “the cut” in the 1920s! Look how gorgeous these iconic 1920s women look in their coiffed bobs.

Though the 1920s bob is gorgeous, it’s a bit severe and lacks versatility. I personally prefer a modern bob which has more length and therefore is more flexible. A longer bob can still be tied back, worn wavy or straight, with bangs or without… I love to play with the different looks. Check out the many faces of the modern bob! Which bob look is your favorite?

Bad Ass Leather Dress


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Leather exudes toughness!

 In its natural tones of brown, burgundy, black and tan a leather dress generates a raw natural feel.

Leather dresses are the new twist on the LBD (little black dress). It’s curve hugging sexy vibe makes the LLD (little leather dress) a modern girl’s go to dress.  Wear a leather dress between seasons as is with cute open toe sandals and a clutch. In colder weather add layers to stay warm. Wear over the dress a chunky cardigan with some great tights.

For the fearless chick, wear your hair sleeked back & shiny! Your beautiful facial features stand out even more. 

Shabbat Shalom שבת שלום


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It’s Friday evening and Shabbat (the day of rest) has arrived. Jews celebrate Shabbat in different ways depending on how religious/traditional they are. Though I am not religious, I usually spend Friday night with my husband’s family where we have a traditional Shabbat dinner. Shabbat is time to spend time with family and friends and to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the week. 

Shabbat shalom (a peaceful Shabbat) to everyone! Have a great weekend. 

  In the picture you see challah, the traditional braided bread eaten on Shabbat. 

Here is a sweet challah recipe for anyone who is ambitious and wants to try.

Fur Trend – Yay or Nay?


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 This fall fur is popping up everywhere. From jackets, scarves, hats, bags, and shoe detailing, fur accents are hard to miss. Without a doubt it’s one of the biggest trends for Fall/Winter 2011-12.

Check out Fabsugar TV’s video covering the fur trend:

 Surprisingly, when worn plush fur in rich hues & textures can generate many different vibes such as elegant, glamorous, rockerish, 70’s boho, feminine and tomboyish. It’s hard to believe, but I’ll let the street fashion pictures below speak for themselves.

Street fashion is the best way to see how runway ideas get implemented into real life. New York fashionistas can’t get enough of fur, nor can their Parisian counterparts across the Atlantic. 

Fur street style in NYC

 Fur street style in Paris

Though fur is lovely and chic, there’s definitely an ugly side to fur that raises debate. This post made me re-think fur and I went to the PETA website to read up. Though I didn’t want to include any disturbing or nasty photos here, I encourage everyone to research the topic on their own and reach their own decision on the matter. Though I currently stand at a no “real” fur stance, only faux fur; Faux fur may be sending the wrong message as well. I am honestly not sure where I stand. I’d love to hear your input on the fur debate. On New York Magazine’s website I found these pictures of animal heads placed on top of the runway looks. Though the NY Mag’s spin wasn’t negative whatsoever, I found it quite disturbing and a blatant reminder of the fashion’s origins.

Bright Home Furnishing Ideas


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Now that it’s September many of us are thinking of how to revamp & restyle. This month is also the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which is all about starting anew. In my opinion, a great way to get a fresh start is to redecorate! I am getting pretty sick of my drab apartment and would love to fill it with bright colors and cool prints. Particularly, after having been inspired by Mary Katrantzou prints, I thought why leave prints to clothing and accessories! Interesting printed furnishings make a home feel down to earth, young, and not too stiff. I love the idea of mixing prints to avoid a matchy matchy feel. 

Some of my favorite places to find awesome printed designs are Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Pier 1 and Crate & Barrel

Here are some of my favorite finds from these stores.

Designer Spotlight: Mary Katrantzou


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This week Keira Knightley radiated at the Venice Film Festival in a stunningly vibrant tea length dress. The artistic luscious print intrigued me, so I decided to do a little bit of research on the designer, Mary Katrantzou! 

Keira vs. Runway Model

London based designer, Mary Katrantzou is an emerging fashion designer and one to be watched! Her Autumn/Winter 2011-12 collection took us on an artistic journey that is reminiscent of a faberge egg wonderland! The collection featured separates, body hugging shifts, and Katrantzou’s signature lampshade-esque skirts. Calgary Avansino from Vogue shared her thoughts on the show… “It was amazing – she just embraces print. There was print on print and so many different prints.”

Here are all 27 looks from Mary Katrantzou’s Autumn/Winter 2011-12 runway

In an interview with the blog fashionista.com, Mary explains the process of creating a print…

“I always work on a thematic collection, so it starts with a strong image. I then work on a visual collage, creating my own surreal prints, from the research I have done. My prints are inspired by art and design, which makes the research even more interesting and challenging, as you are looking into filtered beauty but turning it on its head. I then engineer the print around the female figure and work simultaneously within the pattern to make it flattering for the woman.”

An up-close look at the detail in these elaborate prints 

Bumpalicious Beyonce & VMA Fashion


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Congratulations Beyonce and Jay Z!!!

If you haven’t yet heard, Beyonce is preggers! Last night at the VMA awards she made a grand reveal after performing by unbuttoning her blazer and saying “I have a surprise”. Beyonce glowed at the VMAs and in my opinion was looking the best we’ve seen her in awhile. The one shoudler orange gown by Lanvin (Israeli designer – holla!) grazed perfectly over her burgeoning bump and was perfectly complemented by some killer earrings!

Damn girl, pregnancy is treating you well!

 Here are some other looks from last night’s VMAs:

Katy Perry always surprises & never dissappoints us with her get-ups! Check out her 3 looks from last night…  

 Hollywood’s golden tween couple: Selena Gomez & Justin Beiber